Nevada First

Meet Andy

Andy Matthews is a dedicated champion for liberty, prosperity and limited government running for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd District.

Born in 1978 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Andy graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication with a degree in journalism, and began his professional career as a sports journalist at national media outlets like FOX.

Andy realized that his true passion was fighting for the principles that made America great and moved to Nevada, where he’s helped Nevadans fight for freedom since 2006.

Andy served for nearly four years as the president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a nonpartisan non-profit that focuses on education and fiscal policy in Nevada and across the country.


Andy joined the staff at NPRI in 2007, and worked his way up to serve as the Institute’s president starting in 2011. Under Andy’s leadership, NPRI led the intellectual effort against the margin tax ballot initiative in 2014, and was instrumental in the measure’s lopsided defeat at the polls. NPRI also played a leading role in increasing educational freedom in Nevada, promoting the Education Savings Account program that put the Silver State at the forefront of the national school choice movement.

Under Andy’s leadership, NPRI conducted an informational campaign to help thousands of Nevada public school teachers opt out of their union, saving those teachers hundreds of dollars each year and providing them greater flexibility.

Having spent his early life in the liberal Northeast, Andy has gained a deep love and appreciation for the individualism and liberty-inspired ideals that define the great State of Nevada and the American West.