Andy Matthews announces proposal for combating illegal immigration

Congressional candidate’s plan focuses on border security, opposing amnesty and denying American citizenship to those who enter the country illegally.

As America’s federal policymakers continue their bi-partisan failure to combat the problem of illegal immigration, congressional candidate Andy Matthews today announced a series of measures he pledged to push immediately in Congress in order to address this challenge.

Matthews, a Republican running in Nevada’s Third District, outlined a set of policy proposals that includes strengthening border security and opposing amnesty for those who have come to the United States illegally.

“Illegal immigration remains one of the most serious problems facing America today — and our federal government’s unwillingness to address it amounts to an unconscionable, bi-partisan failure,” Matthews said. “There are a number of different aspects to this issue, but there are also several clear, common-sense steps that we can and must take immediately, and I’ll fight for those policies as soon as I get to Washington.”

Matthews said that those common-sense steps include:

  • securing the Southern border using all appropriate resources, including building a wall that works, increasing border-security personnel and enhancing surveillance;
  • firmly opposing amnesty for those who have come to the United States illegally;
  • permanently prohibiting those who have entered the country illegally from applying for U.S. citizenship.
  • ending catch-and-release practices toward illegal immigrants, and ensuring that those who are here illegally and come into custody for an additional violation are either held and prosecuted, or deported.
  • cracking down on sanctuary-city policies, including withholding federal funding from those cities that undermine our nation’s immigration laws; and
  • strengthening e-Verify laws, and increasing the responsibility for employers to ensure the legal status of those they hire.

“In the face of the growing threat of international terrorism, the relationship between border security and national security is clearer than ever,” Matthews said. “And the endless flood of people coming here illegally has economic consequences as well, in the form of lower wages and, for some, increased difficulty in even finding a job.

“There’s no doubt that the politicians in Washington know how to address this problem. Yet for decades, they’ve chosen not to, and the American people are justifiably outraged. I believe the time for excuses is over, and I’ll make combating illegal immigration a top priority when I get to Congress.”

The full details of Matthews’ proposal are available at