Andy Matthews introduces deregulation agenda to spark economic growth

Congressional candidate’s plan would roll back regulations on energy and financial sectors, while shifting rulemaking powers back to Congress

Congressional candidate Andy Matthews today announced a broad deregulation agenda that would produce widespread economic prosperity while reining in executive-branch overreach in the federal regulatory system.

Matthews, a Republican running in Nevada’s Third District, introduced a series of reforms focusing on four major priorities:

  • Rolling back the regulations on energy production in the U.S., and unleashing our enormous potential to be a world energy leader.
  • Removing misguided and highly destructive financial regulations, including the Dodd-Frank Act.
  • Repealing the so-called Affordable Care Act entirely, thereby eliminating the vast array of regulations that disastrous law implemented.
  • Supporting the REINS Act, which would shift regulatory power away from the executive branch and back to Congress, where it belongs.

“The crippling regulatory burden imposed by our federal government is a chief reason why we continue to suffer under the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression,” Matthews said. “Even worse is that so many of these regulations are simply imposed by the executive branch, instead of being debated and voted on by the people’s elected representatives in Congress. I look forward to fighting to restore the proper balance of power in Washington.”

Matthews noted that reducing regulations on the energy and financial sectors in particular would provide Americans with greater access to low-cost energy while unleashing widespread economic growth.

“There are many areas where the federal regulatory burden is far too great, but two of the most egregious cases are the government’s limits on energy production, and its excessive meddling in our financial system,” he said. “I will fight to secure a strong, smart energy future for our country, and will also promote reforms that will generate economic prosperity while ensuring greater stability in America’s financial system.”

Matthews’ deregulation plan is available at