My Top Priorities

Issues that matter

America needs serious solutions to real problems, not more broken promises. Here’s where I stand:

Tax Reform & Economy

Taxes — on America’s individuals and businesses — are too high, and the American people are suffering as a result.

Presidents from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan understood that high taxes stifle job creation and limit economic growth. That’s why both made it a top priority to enact across-the-board cuts to tax rates, and that is exactly what we need to do to rejuvenate our economy today. Unfortunately, President Obama has taken the opposite approach, and his crippling tax hikes are a chief reason why America’s recovery from the Great Recession has been the worst in our history.

Health Care

Health care is too expensive and not easily accessible for too many Americans—and Obamacare made everything worse. The first step in solving these problems is to repeal Obamacare entirely.

Before Washington bureaucrats began meddling in every aspect of our health care system, treatment was much more affordable. The best way to bring down costs is to make prices more transparent and force insurance and health care companies to compete. More government intrusion is not the solution.

As your Congressman, I will work to repeal Obamacare and apply market-based solutions that will actually make health care more affordable and more accessible.


Illegal immigration remains a major problem in America today, and sadly, both parties have failed to address it in a serious way. This failure becomes even more inexcusable as the relationship between border security, national security and economic security becomes more and more clear.

While there are many aspects to the illegal-immigration debate, there are several common-sense steps that can and must be taken right away in order to combat this problem — starting with securing our Southern border.

Regulations and the Role of Government

Today, so much of what our government does is dictated by an army of unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats in the Executive Branch. They enforce top-down, one-size-fits-all regulations that cost our country billions, without any regard for businesses’ or industries’ unique circumstances or the separation-of-powers principle.

Only by removing governmental barriers and empowering free individuals will we return to an era of opportunity and prosperity, and unleash the creative and innovative American spirit that will lead to more jobs and a stronger economy.

As your Congressman, I will fight to roll back regulations and limit government to the role prescribed by our Constitution.

Second Amendment

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment, which is a crucial safeguard against oppressive government.

Individuals have a fundamental right to arm themselves, and I will oppose all efforts by the federal government to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.